The Nurturing Womb

Pregnancy and postnatal massage

From first trimester to postnatal

Massage in pregnancy is a connection between our physical and emotional incorporating breathing, visualisation, exercises, mobilisation and gentle touch, allowing you to connect with your baby and bring inner peace.

The techniques I use support your body during the different stages of your trimesters, you will be in a side laying position supported by cushions for your comfort.
You will also use the birthing ball to help ease pelvis into correct position z d for easing backache and helping baby to engage for labour.

Working with your birthing partner

You are more than welcome to arrange for your birthing partner to attend for a hands on demonstration, working on all fours with the birthing ball and of course learn massage techniques to help you at home and during labour.

Benefits of pregnancy massage

  • helps increase blood circulation, which benefits both mother and baby
  • Releases toxins from the body through the lymphatic system
  • Improves much needed sleep for mummy to be
  • Time for mummy and baby to relax and connect
  • Eases sciatic pain, and muscle ache, lower back, upper back, neck, shoulders, calf etc
  • Increases happy hormones
  • Decreases levels of stress hormones
  • Qi- brings about a calm and self healing to the body

Please note: midwife consent is needed before booking an appointment.